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TeleDimensions, Inc. is a public sector, telecommunications and community media consulting firm. We inform local governments, educational institutions and non-profit agencies on how to use telecom to deliver services. Our consulting projects help clients:

• migrate cable franchises into state-of-the-art telecom systems
• restructure government functions to reduce operating costs
• create public/private partnerships

Projects and Services

• Cable Franchise Renewals
• Community Needs & Requirements Assessments
• Telecom & Community Media Training for Stake Holders & Elected Officials
• Strategies for Right-of-Way Access Fee Structures & Management
• Documentation for Public Safety & Homeland Security Telecom Requirements
• Community Media Production Facilities Design & Installation
• Telecommunications Policy, Transition & Strategic Plans
• Telecom Integration into Master & Economic Development Plans

TeleDimensions Principals

RITA R. STULL, President
Ms. Stull has over twenty years experience in public sector telecom management and consulting. A specialist in designing comprehensive telecom policy and plans for local governments, Ms. Stull’s experience includes regulating and enforcing cable television franchises, conducting needs assessments, acquiring public, educational and government access systems, creating institutional networks that integrate voice, video and data applications, implementing telecom management and operating departments, training staff and restructuring public service delivery systems. In the eighties, Ms. Stull developed and implemented the first Local Area Network Plan for a major city and acquired a regional telecom planning grant from the John and Mary Markle Foundation. As a result of her work in the regulatory and public policy arena, Ms. Stull testified at the U.S. Senate Public Hearings on cable legislation. Ms. Stull presents educational seminars and assists governments in developing management, implementation and operation plans to comply with federal legislation.

CHUCK SHERWOOD, Senior Associate
Mr. Sherwood has over thirty-one years experience in community media facility design, management and telecom planning. A specialist in implementing programs for local franchising authorities and cable access nonprofit organizations, Mr. Sherwood’s experience includes strategic planning and policy development in a converging telecom landscape. His expertise includes evaluating access programming operations, conducting community needs assessments, designing community media production equipment packages, developing access center management structures and capital budgets. Other experience includes board development, fundraising, marketing and public relations. In the mid-seventies, Mr. Sherwood, one of the pioneers in the development of Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access, co-founded and served as Executive Producer and then Executive Director of the Channel L Working Group, Inc. (CLWG) in New York City. For eleven years CLWG served as the nonprofit manager of the Government Access Channel for the Borough of Manhattan. In 1986, Mr. Sherwood became Executive Director of Cincinnati Cable Access Corporation and in 1990, the Executive Director of Cape Cod Community TV (C3TV).

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